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Albert Gleizes

Spirituality, Rhythm, Form 

Illustration from Albert Gleizes: La Forme et l'Histoire, Paris, Povolozky, 1932

Published in Gaston Diehl (ed): Les Problèmes de la Peinture, Lyon, Editions Confluences, 1945. Republished in Albert Gleizes: Puissances du Cubisme, Chambéry (Eds Présence), 1969

Translator's introduction

Rhythm and Space, two states of mind 
Cubism, a disturbance in the spatial state of mind - A failure of understanding
Objectivity of religious spirituality - Objectivity of the religious craft 
A technique in harmony with nature - Measure-cadence-rhythm 
Tradition and Christianity - From the rhythmic to the spatial in the twelfth century
From the spatial to the rhythmic in the twentieth century - Robert Delaunay and the recovery of form - 'The return of an ignominious spirituality'

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