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Politics and Theology

Note: A large amount of similar and related material can be found on the old website here and here. Articles by Peter Brooke unless otherwise stated.

New item (February 2024) Israel-Palestine - one state or two?

Also recent (October 2023) Ukraine to Israel Ukrainian origins of the Jewish colonisation of Palestine AND  Pissing in the Pool from the diving board - a review of  Sylvain Cypel: The State of Israel vs the Jews

AND the latest in the series Who are the Ukrainians dealing with the events of 1919 when the country was torn between the armies of the Whites, the Reds, the Ukrainian Nationalists, and an array of peasant militias generally called the Greens.

ALSO (September 2023) Metapolitics of the Azov Movement in Ukraine The political philosophy of Olena Semenyaka, spokeswoman for the Azov movement in Ukraine

Three essays on Heidegger by John Minahane. Discusses in particular what sort of 'Nazi' Heidegger was and where technological progress, might be leading us.

Martin Heidegger and the New World Order Looks at the influence of Heidegger in Iran and in Russia in the light of the apparent emergence of a 'multipolar world'

Also in Essays on Russia (see below) the latest in the Who are the Ukrainians series - Ukraine, 1917-18 (the Bolshevik revolution and the German occupation after Brest-Litovsk)

'KATEHON' - Towards a Post-Liberal Russia  Account of a Russian website that features Alexander Dugin and Konstantin Malofeev, both targets for assassination attempts since the beginning of the Ukraine war.

A Church history of Ukraine, a short account of Orthodox-Catholic- Jewish relations from the Kingdom of Rus to the present day

Unmanned and unnerved a story of the 'war on terror' by Julian Delasantellis

Economics and the European Union
A series of essays based on an argument originally developed by Joseph Halevi of the Institute for New Economic Thinking
A sixth instalment (June 2022) - European Coal and Steel Community and European Payments Union, 1950-58

Heidegger and the 'Latinisation' of Greek Philosophy
Heidegger's view that the Western interpretation of Greek philosophy reduced it to a legal, moral code, depriving it of its higher meaning.

Plato and Christianity
Essay contrasting the reception of Plato in Western and Eastern Christianity

Russia's future
Alternate views from Alexander Dugin and Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The dispute over the Orthodox Church in Ukraine
An attempt to make sense of the current quarrel between the Patriarch of Moscow and the Patriarch of Constantinople

The Reformation and Traditional Christianity
Substance of a talk given in Belfast in 2017 on aspects of Traditional Christianity which the Reformation rejected

The (Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Serb, Rumanian) Orthodox Church
Substance of a day long seminar held in Trefeca College, Powys, October 2017, including an account of the history of the Eastern Roman Empire

The Moscow Patriarchate and the Bolshevik Revolution

Essay written for the journal Problems (no 28) to mark the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the Moscow patriarchate. 


Essays on Russia with particular reference to Solzhenitsyn
In three parts - Solzhenitsyn and his enemies (often Jews or Ukrainians unhappy with his support for a revival of Russian patriotism); a history of the Jewish experience of the Russian Empire (suggested by Solzhenitsyn's book on the subject Two Centuries Together); and a series of articles on the history of Ukrainian nationalism. Latest item (June 2023) Ukraine, 1919.

Articles published in
The Heidegger Review

"Third Rome, Third International, Third Reich"
Alexander Dugin and the ‘Fourth Political Theory’

On Orthodoxy

An introduction with a discussion of an article on Dugin's website by Nicholas Laos
Absolute Beginner
A review of Alexander Dugin's Martin Heidegger - The Philosophy of Another Beginning

Materialist Theories of Consciousness
Substance of a talk given in Brecon, April 2016.

The Illness and Cure of the Soul in the Orthodox Tradition

Substance of a talk given in Brecon, June 2015, loosely based on the book of that title by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

The Spanish Polemic on Colonisation 
A series of articles by JOHN MINAHANE centred on the controversy between Bartolomé de Las Casas and Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda on the Spanish colonisation of America.

My Life with Ian Paisley
Reflections on an inescapable part of life in Northern Ireland in the late twentieth century