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THE LIVING DEAD - part three
(Parts 1 & 2 can be looked at

Drunkenness - a delightful
loss of the sense
or responsibility - hence
freedom - here am I become
less capable, less aware
of the world, less
caring - the object
of my care, the world,
recedes and is this not like
the disengagement of
the monk, the hermit, free
of the world, of the burden
of the sinfulness
of the world? - true
I am free also
of the burden of the knowledge
of God, but is that not
freedom from the tree
of the knowledge of
the good and the bad - free
now to be
what my body
wants me to be -
reaching out towards
some sort of essential
innocence, so that I could add
simple being - Paradise -
together with love,
the countryside and poetry
to the category of
the living dead.