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Key Words
followed by an extract from a letter to André Lhote

Gleizes: 'Le Législateur' - illustration to Pascal: Pensées sur l'homme et Dieu, Casablanca, Eds La Cigogne, 1950.

Key Words - the title is ours, not Gleizes’ - is extracted from Gleizes’ Souvenirs 1934- 9, written during the war, but never completed or published. The conversations on which it is based took place in 1934, the year Gleizes described as “the most important in my life”. It was then that he felt he had finally understood in its main features the end to which Cubism had been striving - a painting that would address itself to the three levels of the human hierarchy, in space (the senses), in time (the intellect) and in Eternity (the intelligence). Extracts describing the consequences for the practice of painting are given on this site as Albert Gleizes in 1934.

Conversations with Louis Hoyack - Absolute/Relative - Cause/Effect
Father and Son - Painter and painting - Religious instruction
Space and time - the 'space-time continuum' - solid ground

Subject and Object (Extract from a letter to André Lhote, September 1943)

The full text in Word format can be downloaded here