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Calvin could be said to have brought forth
- revealed - a truth, which is to say
a human capacity. We can live
Calvinism as we can live
animism, or perhaps
we can't live
Calvinism or animism but
one can. And so in the whole
framework in which
lives are lived there is no
possibility of error - other than
a slippage of circumstances - the animist
in Geneva, the Calvinist
in Nigeria, though of course
things change. The truth
is always almost just
out of sight and every possibility
is always almost
true. And so you say to me
but what about Naziism?
And I say Naziism too
is almost but not quite
true - there too
is a vision of truth
always, almost just
out of reach. We fight
for the crumbs from the table
of truth - we have all
seen something. And so don't despise
the murderer, the rapist or the
premillennial dispensationalist -
visionaries, all of them,
all of us, alas, the shards
of a smashed