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Albert Gleizes, Ananda Coomaraswamy and 'tradition'

Albert Gleizes: Christ with Evangelists, from illustrations to the Pensées de Pascal, Casablanca, Eds de la Cigogne, 1950

The full text can be downloaded as a Word document here. Please note that this essay was originally written for inclusion in a book of essays on Coomaraswamy and his contacts. It's therefore written on the assumption that the reader knows something about Coomaraswamy and Guénon but not much about Gleizes. 

Gleizes, Coomaraswamy and Guénon
Guénon and Coomaraswamy
What Guénon saw in Gleizes
What Coomaraswamy saw in Gleizes
What Gleizes saw in Guénon and Coomaraswamy