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On Orthodoxy
This article first appeared in the Heidegger Review No  2, May 2015. The Heidegger Review can be ordered here.
The full text can be dowloaded as single Word document here

Alexander Dugin and Orthodoxy
My first essay in this series posed the question if there was a 'Russian idea' and, if so, if Alexander Dugin was the man to explain it. Obviously if there is a 'Russian idea', the Orthodox Church has something to do with it.

Entering an Orthodox Church
An account of what the innocent visitor entering an Orthodox Church is likely to encounter

A question of authority
The question of the political organisation of the Church played an important role in the East/West schism. It is still very problematical in the Orthodox world. 

The emphasis in Orthodoxy is on union with God in the heart rather than intellectual speculation..  

Heidegger on prayer
A surprising echo of Orthodox 'mysticism' in Heidegger.

Nicholas Laos on Orthodoxy
Heidegger sees Christianity as a continuation of Platonism. Nicholas Laos on Dugin's website also argues for a continuity between Greek pre-Christian philosophy and the Greek Christian Fathers but argues that Plato, in particular Plato's notion of 'ideas', of how we acquire knowledge, was badly misunderstood in the West. 

Western misunderstandings and their political implications
His argument illustrated in the particular case of Augustine of Hippo and why this is a matter of great and immediate importance.

My life with St Augustine - Conclusion
I finish with a reflection on my own personal experience based on my entry into Orthodoxy and my interest in the  thinking of the painter, Albert Gleizes, greatly influenced as he was by Augustine.