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Art and Religion

New item (May 2022) A note on the controversy concerning Eric Gill in the wake of the assault on his sculpture, Prospero and Ariel, Broadcasting House, London.

Some paintings by Peter Brooke  

Alice Berger Hammerschlag A tribute to a painter of Viennese origin who had a big influence on me, both in her work as a painter and in her spiritual/philosophical quest, when I was a teenager living in Belfast. 

Charles Filiger Essay on a painter associated with the school of Gauguin who deserves to be much better known

The Council of Frankfurt and the Seventh Ecumenical Council Essay on the grounds, political and cultural, of the Carolingian opposition to the veneration of icons.

Maurice Denis: Writings on 'sacred art'

Sister Joanna (Reitlinger) and Maurice Denis - an Orthodox-Catholic encounter

Short essays on film

What's special about the icons of the Eastern Orthodox Church? Talk given in Brecon, June 2016. With illustrations.

An exhibition of my own work held in Oxford in November 2015

Vorticism - Abstraction and Empathy

Article mainly concerned with T.E.Hulme and his argument, influenced by Wilhelm Worringer's Abstraction and Empathy, that there is an intrinsic connection between an 'abstract' geometrical art and a religious view of the world.

Reflections on ‘Abstract Art’
Illustrated talk on some of the needs that resulted in the emergence of non-representational art.